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Mandalay, MYANMAR

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What we are all about...

There are thousands of tour companies selling Myanmar holidays. So why set up a new one? The answer is very simple- we wanted visitors to see what we saw. Through our eyes.


We love traveling in our own country but rarely were companies offering what we got to see and experience on a regular basis. We even joked about it- 'wow that tour is so boring...but it sells!'. But after working for larger travel companies for too long, we realised we were on to something. In our free time we showed friends 'our Myanmar' and friends of friends and parents of friends of friends. We realised we were not crazy- people like to travel the same way we do! And thus, after a few nights scheming over beers and barbecue, Myanmar Pure was born.


Read on to find out more about what we believe travel is all about.

Holidays are meant to be fun. What we have learned over the years is that if the people planning, organising and guiding your holidays are not having fun then you won't either. We love what we do. We have fun when we work. That reflects on the level of customer service we deliver and is directly proportionate to the amount of fun you will have on your Myanmar holiday!

We Believe in Having Fun

We are here to take the hassle out of your holiday. We are the facilitators for a great trip of a lifetime. We want you to relax and enjoy being our guest. And to that end, no detail is overlooked on the planning of your holiday. Sure, we cannot control everything but trust us- we will go above and beyond the call of duty from your first email until the minute you board your departure flight.

We Believe that Details Matter

We do not intend to be Myanmar's largest travel company. We do not intend to make loads of money. We want to work with the right team and the right guests. We do not handle groups of 50 tourists, we work with small groups of guests who want to connect with local culture in a way that only small group travel can provide. 

We Believe Small is Beautiful

We love Myanmar. And we live here. We believe tourism can have a positive affect on the lives of many but can also pollute Myanmar's authentic culture. We do our best to spread money beyond the regular tourist area and support local businesses at every turn. We make sure our guests are informed of cultural nuances and help them embrace the deep traditions and beliefs that make Myanmar so special.

We Believe in Supporting our Community

We do not judge people on their experience or their background. We believe in people who work hard, embrace differences, accept challenges and are willing to go beyond their comfort zones. We do not worry about job titles or rankings. We are driven by passion. The passion to share our country with our guests and the passion to do so while having fun and making a positive impact on the people we interact with and the places we visit.

We Believe in Passionate People